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I have wanted to be a part of a running club for several years and now I am. Joined today!

I have been running now for more than 10 years and it is something that has really caught on in this society that is trying to be very health conscious. If you live in the area of Mt. Airy or Cana and you like to run, come join us.



The Mount Airy Road Runners is a non-profit organization and running club dedicated to promoting running, fitness, good health and responding to community needs in the Mount Airy, North Carolina area.  Our members are a cross section of the community representing runners and walkers of all abilities.

How much does it cost to join the Mount Airy Runners Group?

There are different membership packages available:
Regular membership is $20/year
Couple membership is $30/year
Family membership is $45/year

An individual membership includes entitles a member to club shirt, all privileges of membership,  including quarterly newsletter, discounts at participating sponsors, the right to purchase club clothing, compete under club name, hold offices and participate in club functions.

A couple memberships is for 2 family members. (One newsletter per household).

A family membership is for families with 3 or more family members. (One newsletter per household).

Go to the web site to download an application.

How often is the newsletter published?
Included in annual dues, members will receive “The Mileage Report” published quarterly four times per year. The Mileage Report keeps our members up to date on upcoming events, training tips, past results and additional information. Also there will be a profile on a member each quarter.

Can I volunteer for the Running Club?
Volunteers are essential to any organizations success. Without them there would be no races, social runs, and no running clubs. If anyone is interested in volunteering please see Darren or Timmesa.

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