Why Pastor’s should blog, twitter, & facebook

Insight from a fellow blogger…

Afraid of a big blog?  Try a little one, try Twitter.  Twitter is blogging for us little people- microblogging.
But why Twitter?
Twitter cultivates a practice of mindfulness for those within your community.  By mindfulness, we mean listening intentionally, purposefully aware.  The question of “what are you doing?” is one that gives us an insight into someone else’s life, no matter how mundane or spectacular it may be.  This goes for others hearing what YOU are doing as well.  Twitter can serve as a means of an open double door for both you and others to peer inside.

In this weeks Council meeting the notion of understanding “a week in the lifeof a pastor” was mentioned.

Here is the best way I know for you to know what a week in the life of this pastor is like.

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