Praying for our son Michael this morning

I started our prayer time at “Out of the Box” this morning. My plan is to have the place open each Tuesday morning at 8:15 so that anyone “anyone” who would like can come, have coffee, bring a laptop, and just spend time in prayer.

This morning our son Michael joined me for the time of prayer. There is no agenda, we just pray as God leads us to pray. We don’t pray together necessarily but we can when God has us do that. I pray often by sending notes online to the people that I am praying for. I might even pray through a blog, like this one. Join us when you can. No one will judge you for how you talk to and communicate with God.

This morning I am especially praying for our son Michael. Michael is a hard working awesome young man. Michael knows that God has a special Call on his life and he is searching for what exactly that Call is. Help me to pray that Michael will know without a doubt what he is supposed to do. I know this morning was a big step. He is here praying and God hears our prayers.

I would love nothing more than to one day see Michael in pastoral ministry. However, God has to guide that decision for Mike. I just ask that you pray for Mike and his awesome family. Christopher wanted to come and be with daddy and Pupa this morning and I know that God has big plans for Christopher and Victoria some day also.

I wait with excited anticipation to see what God does.


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