At “Out Of The Box” We Love people because God first Loved Us

I spent better than an hour this morning with Charlie Rand, a member of our church. I learned a lot about Charlie, by the way he had come downtown to spend time in prayer with is at Out of The Box for the Youth in the surrounding communities.

Charlie talked about how he never met a person he didn’t love. He says he does that because God first loved him and he is following the Bible’s prescription. He is absolutely right, that is what the Bible teaches. Love because Christ first loves us! Charlie has a great love for everybody but he is especially drawn to teach and be with children and youth.

Then Charlie said this: This is what Out Of The Box is, the youth can come here and there are no strings attached. They are often stunned when they come and there is free pizza for 150 people, sodas, snacks, pool table, big screen and just plain fun. They are stunned because there is no hook in it. We make no apologizes that we are Christian and we are here because of Jesus Christ but we do not require that a person think and be just like us. Out of the Box is a place where a person can come to hang out with Friends and learn about Jesus in the process.

There are no strings attached at Out Of The Box. We love youth because God first loved us!



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