A Day In The Life of Your Pastor Tuesday June 2nd 2009

2 notes. read from the bottom up and the timeline is off by two hours. On the first post it was 5:42am rather than 3:42am.


  1. Time for bed, hope all the Collins sleep well tonight. Last night we were up a lot. Night John boy, Keith & Jarrodabout 8 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  2. Watching Monsters Inc. With Samuel but only until Law & Order comes on.about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  3. When I dropped Kyle off @ VBS he said I will miss you as big as the sky. Don’t know what he is up to.about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  4. Taking Kyle to VBS, then home for dinnerabout 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  5. Hitting the books & waiting on Kyle to emerge from Sylvanabout 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  6. Just finished 5.2 mile run. Awesome day, the running is coming bk well after slacking off 4 seminary th past 3.5 years. Never stopped thoughabout 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  7. Just finished 5.2 miles had 853 AVG 1st 3 milesabout 14 hours ago from txt

  8. Mission is not just 1 of the many tasks the church is called upon to do. It is of the very essence of the church itself.about 15 hours ago from web

  9. How can we communicate the gospel 2 the different cultures present n our own community without imposing our own cultural beliefs & practicesabout 15 hours ago from web

  10. Mission to the Outside World (beyond church) challenges the comfortable order of things.about 15 hours ago from web

  11. Seminary work, working through “Mission on the Way”about 15 hours ago from web

  12. Headed home to take Kyle to Sylvanabout 16 hours ago from web

  13. As Chair of Holston Conf. Witness Team I can announce that a Denman Award Winner has been chosen in each category of Lay, Youth, & Clergyabout 16 hours ago from web

  14. Doing pastoral counseling this afternoon, God is so good! And we are always a Witness!about 16 hours ago from web

  15. In my office working on agenda for the Atlanta Youth Mission Trip, phone calls, e-mails, ect…..about 18 hours ago from web

  16. Headed out for a Mocha Joe and taking lunch to our oldest son Michael. Love that boy!about 19 hours ago from web

  17. blogging @ www.imagebearer.wordpress.comabout 20 hours ago from web

  18. Praying about a possible trip to South Africa in the future. We have friends there and I feel drawn to go.about 21 hours ago from web

  19. Last past 75 min visting w/ Charlie R. @ OOTB & I am Nriched bcause of him. Lnd a lot about C. and his love 4 people because God lvd him 1stabout 21 hours ago from web

  20. Praying for Kenneth P. Health concerns.about 22 hours ago from web

  21. Praying for all our youth from the area who are @ Sr. Week @ the Beach. Pray they have a great time and stay safe. Remember whose u r youth!about 23 hours ago from web

  22. Praying for a friend considering her place in ministry today.about 23 hours ago from web

  23. Praying for the people on the missing Air France Jet and their families.about 23 hours ago from web

  24. Praying for a family member who is straying away from God.about 23 hours ago from web

  25. Praying for Rege, a young man who is straying from God.about 23 hours ago from web

  26. Praying for both of our grandbabies this morning. Both are running a fever.about 23 hours ago from web

  27. It’s prayer time @ Out Of The Box, Join us in praying for the youth of Carroll County and surrounding communities.about 23 hours ago from web

  28. When God gives us something, we must remember it is only one small piece of what He has prepared for us… Firstfruit5:10 AM Jun 2nd from web

  29. Because of Rahabs faith her entire family was saved.5:07 AM Jun 2nd from web

  30. 1st Fruits: to give 2 God 1st fruits is to say it is His and I trust Him 4 the rest. Start by giving Him yourself.5:05 AM Jun 2nd from web

  31. Joshua learned that the battle belonged to God. We need to realize the same and listen 4 instruction from God on how 2 accomplish His task.4:58 AM Jun 2nd from web

  32. 11 men have turned out for mens bible study @ 630am4:44 AM Jun 2nd from web

  33. Just thanking God for a place like OOTB, this place is so cool.4:41 AM Jun 2nd from web

  34. Faith lessons on the promised Land. Great Bible Study Material, OOTB4:38 AM Jun 2nd from web

  35. @ Out Of The Box for Mens Bible Study4:32 AM Jun 2nd from web

  36. Having my first cup of coffee. Headed to Out of the Box for Mens Bible Study3:42 AM Jun 2nd from web

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