Ministry with the shut-ins

On Friday I spent my day ministering and visiting the shut-ins who are a part of the 1st Hillsville congregation. I visited in 3 different facilities and two homes and was able to see 10 different people. I decided during the week that I needed to take Communion to the folks who can’t come to us. I went to be a blessing and received a blessing at the same time.

I visited with one person who as I was praying, they took my hand and pressed it to their forehead and asked, “will you heal me?” I then prayed that God will heal them and I believe that healing is to be in heaven with Him and their loved ones who have gone before.

One of the people with whom I shared Communion said to me, “that is the first time anyone has come and personally served me Communion.” One of my prayers is that God will do His Work through the giving of the cup and the bread as John Wesley witnessed so many years ago.

As I was visiting with Mrs. Pratt I was blessed to also visit and pray with Linda M. who often visits with our shut-ins and it means so much to the folks. The overwhelming thought that pervaded me yesterday was the loneliness of the people.

If you have time, go visit those who cannot come to us. If you don’t have time, make time!

Go to be a blessing and receive a blessing.


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