Be Inspired……Nick Vujicic (life without limbs)

There are so many stories like this in the World today. Why are we still so blind to the marketing industry that wants to tell us the only way to be happy and successful is to have a beauty queen or muscular body. God is at work in our World today and He wants to use you. No matter what you think the world sees when they see you, God sees one of His Special Created Children. God has called you to do something special. Please don’t get sidetracked into thinking that you are never going to do anything lasting and meaningful. Get away from the marketing guru’s that keep telling us what we have to wear, what we have to drive and how much we have to weigh to be successful and loved.

God loves you just the way you are and there is a group of people that God wants you to reach with your special personality, gift or passion.

Go for God! Don’t get sidetracked! Don’t buy into the devil’s lies!

Go to work doing what it is God Created you for and if you are struggling to find what that is, come see me and we will pray and seek the Face of God!


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