Kyle has been with us 1 year today, June 13th 2009

Kyle has been with us a year June Saturday 13th. It is hard to believe it has been a year and at the same time it seems like forever. Kyle has come a million miles and he has several to go in catching up. He certainly feels at home here with us and the family has taken him right on in. Misty and I still have good and bad days with him. It is typical to take two steps forward and 3 steps back. It is hard work but we believe that any child of God is worth the effort.

There are so many kids like Kyle out there who need a forever home. I can only imagine where Kyle would be if it were not for us taking him in and giving him a home. It is amazing the things that have changed in a year.

When he first came and didn’t get his way about something he would scream to the point he would throw up. Finally we told him that he could scream as loud and long as he wanted only he had to do it in the back yard where it wouldn’t bother us. It was like turning the water off, if it doesn’t work to get them what they want, it quickly changes.

We have been through lots of bed wetting but that is so much better now. However every time we think it is over it comes back. He eats really great and has grown so much. He occasionally try’s to wear something he had when he came to live with us and it is so funny how he has grown.

His mental capacity has not grown as fast as his physical body but we have seen marked improvements in both areas. He wants so bad to please and that is what causes him a lot of problems. He will jump in to do things that you don’t need or want him to do. His speech has improved greatly. When he came it was hard to understand anything he said but now every word is understandable. He will at times use a wrong word that is baffling but speech is so much better.

I believe that he is a boy who will grow into a fine young man. He desires so much to make us proud.

Misty and I have had to learn that even though he has the body of a 10 year old, his mind has not developled anywhere near that age. It is so hard to get that into our minds. Kyle has missed most of what a typical child would experience in his first 8 years of life but we are making up for that now. He is coming to appreciate being clean and taking care of himself. He never mentions wanting to hurt himself anymore and he doesn’t pick fights at school anymore. He really has come a long way. When he came he couldn’t write his name and could hardly read on a preschool lever. he is now reading on a 2nd grade level and he is so proud of that.

We desire your prayers as it is the hardest thing that Misty and I have ever done but again, we wouldn’t change anything that has taken place. He is here for a reason and he is a child created by the same God that created the rest of us.


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  1. June 12, 2009 Laura

    Ronnie – I think it’s really great you are open enough to share this sort of stuff. It’s really inspiring. You and Misty are wonderful!

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