Commissioning Gifts

I have some awesome friends. This morning I started receiving txt messages of congratulations from youth members at Hillsville First UMC as well as adults. As a matter of fact my blackberry was going crazy for most of the day. Kindnesses were coming in through txt, twitter, and facebook as well as e-mail and voice mail. Below are several pictures of some of the gifts that I received today. There is a communion plate and chalice, a picture and bowl, a Bible and my pastoral liscense. Several friends from Hillsville came for the event.

One hugh blessing that I received was a voice mail that came in early this morning and I was not able to listen to the message until near 2pm this afternoon. It was from the United Methodist men’s Group who were meeting for Bible Study at Out of the Box, they called and actually said a prayer for me on this special day. To be honest when I got the message I wept. It was tears of joy not sadness. God is so good to us, we need to tell the world.

Thank you to everybody for all the well wishes, phone calls, txt messages, facebook and Twitter messages. I have been truly blessed by my family and friends today.


gifts 1

gifts 2

gifts 3

giftgifts 4

gifts 5

gifts 6

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