This Day Off In The Life Of Your Pastor: June 18, 2009

Read from the bottom up and remember there is a two hour time delay.


  1. WhitePraying for all my friends. Lets change the World with Christ!about 9 hours ago from web

  2. WhitePast time for bed. Big day tomorrow.about 9 hours ago from web

  3. WhiteYou should check out this post by Talbot Davis 9 hours ago from web

  4. WhiteMisty will never admit it but she is on the couch with one computer typing away and I am next to her with my computer! hahahahahaabout 10 hours ago from web

  5. Whiteblogging The Faith Sharing New Testament @ 10 hours ago from web

  6. WhiteGot the front yard mowed after my son Mike fixed the lawn mower. Love you Mike!about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  7. WhiteChristopher & Samuel are taking turns in time out!about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  8. WhiteMom, dad, Mike & the kids and Sussie are coming over for dinner.about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  9. White3 miles running & 1 walking w/ Kenneth. 6 total for the day.about 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  10. WhiteGetting ready to run off some stress.about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  11. Whiteworking on Sussies taxes again!about 16 hours ago from web

  12. Whitelooking for someone @ Hillsville FUMC who feels called to web ministry and would like to maintain the site in conjunction w/ me. Let me knowabout 17 hours ago from web

  13. Whiteposts from 2 Hilsville youth that are drawing closer to God. Just shared from Ashton & Corynn on facebook check it out facebook/ronnie24317about 17 hours ago from web

  14. Whitewait this is my day off!about 17 hours ago from web

  15. WhiteThe extra Bibles are for those who decide to “Follow Christ”about 17 hours ago from web

  16. WhiteOrdered case of The “Faith Sharing NT” from the Foundation for Evangelism. Teaching each youth & adult on mission trip 2 share their faith.about 17 hours ago from web

  17. Whiteworking on the web siteabout 18 hours ago from web

  18. WhiteGot car repaired last Fri, Mike is working on lawnmower, Jeep goes N the garage Monday. Things don’t last but people do! Let’s live like it!about 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  19. WhiteMower blt trouble, jeep trouble, it takes a lot of patience 2 live N this world. Just another lesson that we do not own things, they own us.about 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  20. WhiteYard is still standing in water so Samuel and I are going for a walk while Misty shops.about 21 hours ago from web

  21. WhiteGoing to mow the yard with Samuelabout 22 hours ago from web

  22. WhitePraying for Jay and Suzanne, rehearsal tomorrow and wedding Saturday!about 22 hours ago from web

  23. Whiteblogging Youth Mission to Inner City Atlanta 2009 @ http://imagebearer.wordpres…about 23 hours ago from web

  24. WhiteWorking once again on the Atlanta mission trip www.imagebearer.wordpress.comabout 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  25. WhiteAnswering many emails, blogging, reading Gods Word, basking in Gods Presence this morning.about 24 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  26. WhiteIt is my day off but being @ annual conference has left me with things 2 do. It is the day the Lord has made & it will be fun & productive.about 24 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  27. WhitePraising God that one of our youth prayed with a friend who has decided to “Follow Christ” Just last night, way to go Corynn, be a Witness6:01 AM Jun 18th from web

  28. Whiteblogging thoughts on Holston Annual Conference 2009 @ www.imagebearer.wordpress.com5:54 AM Jun 18th from web

  29. WhiteDear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. — 1 John 3:185:33 AM Jun 18th from web

  30. White@ the bus stop with Kyle5:17 AM Jun 18th from TwitterBerry

  31. WhiteThere is no place like home. I love to travel around but I love to get back home.4:37 AM Jun 18th from TwitterBerry

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