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Misty and I seldom have the opportunity to worship together due to the fact that I am a pastor. Or at least in the traditional worship service on Sunday Morning at 11am.

My vacation started yesterday so we decided to go to a local church we have heard a lot about and check it out. We went to Firehouse Ministries which is located in the former movie cinema on Fowler Road in Mt. Airy NC. This is only 10 minutes from our home.

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The service started at 10:30am. There was a really great setup for all childrens age groups. Samuel seemed to love his group. By the way, the children’s ministry area is set up in a secure area that is monitored at all times. Every child has to be signed in and the child and parent are given an identifying bracelet in case someone needs to find the parent during the worship time. At the end of the service you have to present that bracelet in order to pick up your child. Great idea.

I said some months ago that there needs to be a place where the John’s of this world can go and worship on Sunday morning and not be judged. I refer to John as someone who does not look like what most people think of as church going people. We have found that church.

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It is my vision of what needs to happen. The pastor preached in jeans and a Harley Davidson shirt. by the way there was a shelter provided in the parking lot for folks to park their motorcycles under. Awesome idea.

It was hard to pick me out because I was one of many shaved heads in the building with between 600 and 700 who came for worship. There were lots of tattoo’s, everywhere. However there were lots of people who have probably never been on a motorcycle or had a tattoo.

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The sermon was excellent, well delivered and with passion, biblical, and challenging. The worship was alive, upbeat, Godly and ecxiting. Craig and Jessica Vaughan are part of the Worship Team. Great job guys! We will definitely visit again when we have opportunity and I would like to recommend to anyone who lives in the area to check this church out. God is alive and well in this congregation.


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  1. July 7, 2009 Jessica

    Ronnie, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for visiting us at Firehouse. This ministry has meant so much to Craig and me. It is people like yourselves that keep this ministry going. It is so very important (especially in today’s world) that everyone understand that Jesus really did say “come as you are”. Unfortunately many have become accustomed to the “religion in a box” that even those whom appear Godly can become very judgemental. I feel as Christ followers we should be the first to show love to all…regardless of past experiences… and be slow to ridicule. This is what is found here at Firehouse. God is working in a mighty I know he is in your life. Thanks so much for the plug and hope to see you guys soon!!!!


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