Vacation Day 2

It was a terrific day. Mike and I started the day looking around for materials needed for the fire pit we are building in the yard. We are also looking for just the right piece of playground equipment for the kids. To be honest we didn’t find anything that we went looking for. We came home and decided to use the Railroad Ties I had in the back yard. It is going to be awesome when finished. You can see several shots here of our progress and we hope to have it finished by late afternoon.

The most awesome part is that we are all together here as a family, the little ones followed us around all day. By the way, Mike is an awesome big brother. Samuel loves Mikey.

We ended the day with a Fathers Day cookout and the kids played in the pool. It really was an awesome day and we got a lot accomplished. You can see how exhausted everyone was by the last picture here of Samuel.

We are relaxing today, going to the pool.


fire pit 1

fire pit 2

fire pit 3

fire pit 4

fire pit 5

fire pit 6

fire pit 7

fire pit 8

fire pit 9

fire pit 10

fire pit 11

fire pit 12

fire pit 13

kids swim 1

kids swim 2

Victoria 1

Victoria 2

kids mower pupa

Samuel asleep

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