UMC Voting Results

Almost all of the 62 U.S. Annual Conferences have now voted on the Proposed
Constitutional Amendments. 44 Annual Conferences have released complete
vote tallies while others have voted, but have yet to release any official tallies.
For the 44 Annual Conferences whose votes have been tallied, the aggregate
totals are as follows: Proposed Amendment 1 received 15,680 (47%) Yes votes
and 17,511 (53%) No votes. Proposed Amendment 19 received 24,700 (77%)
Yes votes and 7,314 (23%) No votes. None of the 23 Proposed Amendments
regarding the World-wide Nature of the Church have passed so far.

The five Proposed Amendments that would authorize the creation of Regional Conferences
have only received between 34% and 36% of the votes (not the required
two-thirds vote).

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