twitter and the local News

This morning I was surprised but not really, when I watched on WXII News 12 as they were encouraging people to twitter. I thought as I was watching that the following. One of the big stories lately is that newspapers and even 24 hour news channels are becoming less and less used because of tools like twitter and facebook. Information is going out live from people at the moment things are happening. Here is the great thing. Rather than letting twitter and facebook pass them by the news broadcasters are getting on board and using the tool to their advantage.

I think it is relevant to the church also. I was sitting in the Pre Conference Briefing for our District (Wytheville) a few weeks ago and I was twittering the highlights of the meeting and the person sitting next to me was looking at me with a look that said, I can’t believe you have that phone out texting while we are in this meeting.

I think when we use this technology in the church it says to people out there searching for a better life that we are not living in 1965 any longer. The church is relevant, I didn’t say change the truth of anything, I said we are relevant to the changing times and the way people communicate.

I would encourage every person who has the technology to twitter your church services. I will do this is a much stronger way in a later blog.

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