This Day In The Life of Your Pastor: July 5th, 2009

Read from the bottom up and there is a 2 hour time delay.


  1. Remember, Gods forgiveness is dependant on your forgiveness of others!less than 20 seconds ago from web

  2. Must get 2 bed. Need 2 run N the am then fix breakfast for Mike and the kids. Can’t wait to see Christopher, he has been gone camping 3 daysless than a minute ago from web

  3. blogging Carroll Wellness Center 5K Results @ www.imagebearer.wordpress.com6 minutes ago from web

  4. Preparing for a final tomorrow!42 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

  5. Praying for Jerry McCombs and Barney Hallabout 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

  6. Eating blackberry cobbler. Shouldn’t but I picked the berriesabout 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

  7. Lst call, we have 5 puppies that have 2 go. We have fed & cared 4 them now 4 mths. If no 1 takes them 2morrow we will have 2 go 2 the poundabout 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  8. Left home @ 8am & just getting back 9pm. 2 am services, baptism @ river, finance meeting, SNL preached. Time to study now and eat skinny cowabout 2 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  9. SNL was awesome!about 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  10. “We think it’s about $ – it’s not. $ is just the language we speak 2 comm time & ownership; tithing is about obedience & trust.” Beth Whiteabout 3 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  11. Tithing is like anything else. Teach people what the Bible says and pray they follow God!about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  12. Awesome news, Beth White from SportsTowne will be hanging out with the mission team in Atlanta, at least one afternoon.about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  13. Going over the budget and talking about cuts for the shortfall in giving.about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  14. “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever”. Lance Armstrongabout 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  15. In a finance committee meetingabout 6 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  16. Lunch @ Rio Grande with Pernie, Wayne, Barry, Donna, Brittany, and me wife and kids. Oh yeah Sussie is here also.about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  17. Getting ready to help with my cousins baptism. Congratulations Barry!about 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  18. Ready to start the 11am serviceabout 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  19. @ OOTB talking about the mission trip planning,planning,planningabout 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  20. We are looking for a volunteer to hook up our ice maker @ OOTB in the fridge. Any takers?about 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  21. Ready for worship 830about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  22. getting ready for the 8:30am service @ 1st Hillsville UMC, join us.about 16 hours ago from web

  23. praying 4 cousin Barry this morning. I have the awesome priviledge of helping baptize hm later 2day. Praying his relationship w God B strongabout 16 hours ago from web

  24. excited about spending the week w Gary in Atlanta & the mission crew. My family will be there and that makes it so much easier to be awayabout 16 hours ago from web

  25. blogging and working on tonights sermon www.imagebearer.wordpress.comabout 16 hours ago from web

  26. [Jesus said] “Now this is eternal life: that they may know you,the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” John 17:3about 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

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