Offering Them Christ …

“The Hands of the Lord”
KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—When Jesus said the meek will inherit the
earth, he must have had Sarah Jackson in mind.
Elderly and enfeebled by a beating she received several years
ago, Sarah lives alone in a poor neighborhood in Knoxville.
Fortunately, she also lives within two blocks of Wesley House
Community Center, a source of hope and help for her.
“If I have a problem, I can call them and get advice,” Sarah said.
“My life would be difficult if they weren’t there.”
In the Knoxville area, Wesley House probably is better known
for the educational work it does with children living in the lowerincome
Mechanicsville, Beaumont and Lonsdale neighborhoods.
The ministry also provides meals, social interaction and nursing
care for the elderly, however.
With her children living in California, Sarah depends heavily on
Wesley House for help with everyday life. Sharon Earl, volunteer
coordinator for Wesley House, refers to her elderly neighbor as
“my Sarah.”
“The Wesley House is her contact to the outside world,” Earl
said. In addition to helping Sarah with insurance, Social Security
and food stamp forms, “Sarah sometimes is just very lonely and
wants to talk to me. She will even call me to help her decide
whether to walk down to the store today,” Earl said.
Sarah said she sees all the good Wesley House does in her
neighborhood for children and others, making her even more
appreciative of the work done by the organization.
“They help me put things in the hands of the Lord,” Sarah said.
… Through Apportionments.
Ministries like Wesley House rely heavily on the
apportionment dollars local United Methodist churches
send to their districts and conferences. No one church can
offer such a ministry; we all must work together.

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