Family Stories About Adoption

The MacLean family
The MacLean Family
I was a foster parent for five years when a tiny, ill and drug-addicted baby came into my care at twelve weeks. He was not expected to live. Many children passed through my home and I loved them all, but this little boy captured my heart. With love, care and much assistance from the programs available to foster parents, he got stronger. He was severely globally delayed. I was told he would never walk; the muscles in his legs were completely without tone. But physical therapy and corrective shoes had him walking at two-and-a-half. I adopted him and closed my foster home to focus completely on him.
He turned four in January and is a joy. Yes, he’s still delayed, but making consistent and remarkable progress. He knows his alphabet, colors, shapes, and talks fairly well. His body is unusually strong for his age. He walks and runs normally with no corrective appliances. He shows talent in playing music and singing. He is a joy; he loves everyone and everyone loves him. He has an incredible outgoing personality.
While I didn’t go into foster care looking to adopt, God clearly had a plan. If I could have one wish, though, it would be that people look beyond the “disabilities” these children often have. Many dire predictions about my son’s future have fallen by the wayside, and I’m sure he will continue to progress as he has. I treat my son as if he were a normal child, and I will continue to expect the best in life for him.
My only regret is that I didn’t adopt years ago. I am a single parent. I encourage everyone looking at these children not to be discouraged. Children are remarkably resilient and you will be blessed by their presence in your home.

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