I hope that you will take the time to watch these videos and read my thoughts

One of the first things I said after becoming a pastor is this, “We have to teach our people how to die well”. By that I mean many things and here are just of couple of them.

We believe as Christians that we are living for Eternity and this life is just a temporary time where God is molding us and making us into the disciples that He desires for us to be. We believe that when we leave this present body that we will go to be with our Creator, God. We believe that in Heaven there will be no more pain, no more death, and no more sorrow. I really do believe this and I have devoted my life to helping others to understand this same thing.

Now, I believe that we can have fun in this life. We need to go to school and become all that God wants us to be. However, when it comes to death we should not cling to this life so hard. Being a pastor I have been with those who died clinging to life and I have been with those who passed from this body to their eternity singing the praises of God.

In light of that. I found these videos this morning of Rick Burgess who is part of the Rick and Bubba Show. This is a real picture of how we should be able to respond to death. I would love to hear your thoughts after watching the video’s.


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