82 Wednesday Night, Youth, Out Of The Box, The Gospel, Pizza, Fun!

How do you like the Mullet? I found it kind of scratchy and big! I believe it is hair they shaved off of Keith M. and now they have turned it into a hair piece for bald people.

God is at work at Out Of The Box. 1 week ago on Wednesday night we had 54 youth and last night we had 82 people, mostly youth again. We have started to do theme nights. Last week was Wing Night, this week was Pizza and Comedy Night and next week is Monster Energy Night. Stay tuned for Rock Band Night, Karaoke Night, Beach Night etc…..

Here is what we are doing. The youth can come to hang out from 5pm to 6:45, listen to music, watch videos, play pool and Foosball, surf the net and just hang with their friends.  At 6:45 we have Bible Study Time, a different theme each week and right now we are using Videos for the teaching time. We always pray for them and with them. Then we open it up for food and fun. The Youth are lovin it. The adults who come are also lovin it. It is a safe place where everyone is accepted and welcome.

We are looking for people who would like to help us continue this on a weekly basis with the food and fun. The cost to feed pizza, wings etc to 60-100 Youth  is around $100.00. We also need a replenishment of water, sodas and snacks. We are not asking for your tithe, that belongs in your local church.

Keep this in mind, Out Of The Box is a place where the youth are safe, they hear about Jesus, they see the hands of Jesus in the adults and youth who work hard to make it an awesome place to be and they have a lot of fun. God is at work! Who wants to help?

Can’t wait to hear from you.


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  1. August 16, 2009 Kim

    Great hair, Ronnie!


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