This Day In The Life of Your Pastor: August 16th, 2009

  1. Icon_lockPraying for Kenneth and Teresa. Their dad and son. It has been a hard weekend, praying for a miracle with Bobby and Chase to get home safeabout 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  2. WhiteIcon_lockHanging out w Misty then bed. Left home @ 730am & returned @ 9pm, long but great. All the kids were asleep when I got home, don’t like that.about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  3. WhiteIcon_lockIt has been a great day. We had around 80 youth @ Wytheville district youth rally. Tubing, cookout, and message. Fellowship was awesome.about 9 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  4. WhiteIcon_lockThinking that Wytheville District UMC has a pretty cool bunch of youth & we R building some pretty awesome friendships throughout the distabout 11 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  5. WhiteIcon_lockScott Robertson-Gouge is speaking @ the district youth. He is a much better preacher than he is golfer.about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  6. WhiteIcon_lockDCYM just auctioned 5 water bottles and did quite wellabout 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  7. WhiteIcon_lockWe are out of the river. Yayabout 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  8. WhiteIcon_lockOk were still not in the river, gonna be a late nightabout 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  9. WhiteIcon_lockWe are getting ready to put into the river and it is not a baptismabout 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  10. WhiteIcon_lockI am reading the september issue of Runners World & I already have the October issue, go figureabout 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  11. WhiteIcon_lockHint: I would like to have a copy of the book ” the runners body” for my birthday. Only 11 more shopping days until my birthdayabout 17 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  12. WhiteIcon_lockI am in a van loaded with youth going to a Wytheville district tubing event on the New Riverabout 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  13. WhiteIcon_lockThe youth are singing “they will know we are Christians by our crayons”. It was a great sermon this morningabout 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  14. WhiteIcon_lockKeith Musser is going to Chicken out of the Big Blaze 5K for next Saturday. All his friends will have to thank him 4 no 2nd week of monstersabout 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  15. WhiteIcon_lockSunday school promotion time @ 1st Hillsvilleabout 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  16. WhiteIcon_lockWaiting @ aunt beas for breakfastabout 23 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  17. WhiteIcon_lockheaded to Out Of The Box. Youth Represent Christ Well!about 23 hours ago from web

  18. WhiteIcon_lock2 church. Can’t wait 2 C what God is up 2 this morning. U never know when a person is going 2 C Christ 4 the 1st time & changed forever5:44 AM Aug 16th from TwitterBerry

  19. WhiteIcon_lockJust ordered the Nooma series, really thought provoking videos5:11 AM Aug 16th from web

  20. WhiteIcon_lockThankful that I live in a place where I am free to get up and go to church and it is my choice which church to go to.4:01 AM Aug 16th from TwitterBerry

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