Van Ministry

We have discussed for some time now the need of having someone devoted to the van ministry of 1st UMC Hillsville. I have said for some time that it will have to be someone who has the passion and the Call form God to this ministry opportunity. But then I must say that we are all called to be in ministry for God and with God and many people can drive a van, make a phone call and visit the children’s homes.

Let me share a personal story with you. Keeping in mind that all statistics show that most people who come to know Jesus Christ do so before the age of 16.

I visited with a wonderful young lady today who for years came to 1st UMC Hillsville on the van. This young lady was faithful and loved being here and the church was such a great influence in her life. As a matter of fact she still has many friends who come here, friends she made in tose years of van ministry.

This young lady has been missing from our church for the past many months and now I know it is because the van stopped running on a consistent basis. Now this young lady has other things filling her Wednesday nights. things that don’t involve youth meetings at 1st UMC.

If you are a Christian and you realize that you can make a difference and that God really wants you to make a difference, give me a call and lets discuss the van ministry.



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