Catching Up

I waited until I was 36 years old to start my undergrad degree and I am just now completing my Masters Degree. I didn’t realize until recently just what a toll it has taken. Keeping in mind that I am thankful for the education and I wouldn’t trade it.

I have always been one to take pride in keeping a nice house and yard and those things have definitely suffered while I have been in school. I enjoy mowing, planting, and in general keeping the yard looking nice. The past several years that has been hard to do because of being in school full time. Misty and I still have things packed in the garage where we stored there when we were married 3 years ago. Things have become really cluttered and just dis-organized.

Misty and I attended a Clergy/Spouse marriage enhancement weekend in the Spring and we realized there that one of our greatest needs is to get rid of the clutter in our lives. Little by little we are going through things and selling some things and giving others away. I even started to sell some of my books on Amazon recently. In the past 40 days or so I have sold 160 books, not bad and that many books has to create some room in the house and in my office. Most of what I use to study for sermons and to teach is contained in a computer program that I have called Logos Bible Software. I still love to read and will continue but I now know that I can pass the books along and even get a little of my money back if I never intend to use them again.

We have sold a bedroom suite that we really didn’t need. It was just one of those things I didn’t want to let go of. We have gathered several things for a yard sale and after attempting to sell it one more time we are going to load up what is left and give it to Salvation Army.

It is amazing how we allow things to take up so much of our time and our treasure. Little by little we are getting control. We have lots of things we want to do in the house over the next couple of years as well as in the yard. We are just taking it one day at a time.


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