Max Lucado on the Beatitudes

Tonight at Sunday Night Live we are wrapping up an 8 week study on the Beatitudes. As I have prepared sermons for this series I have referred to Max Lucado’s book “The Applause of Heaven” several times. In the front of the book Max shares the following as an interpretation for the Beatitudes. We have spent several hours and 8 weeks now going through the meaning of these verses for us in 2009 but these one sentence descriptions say it very well.


“The Poor In Spirit.” Beggars in God’s soup kitchen.

“Those who mourn.” Sinners Anonymous bound together by the truth of their introduction; Hi I’m Ronnie and I’m a sinner.

“The meek.” Pawnshop Pianos played by Van Cliburn. (He is so good no one notices the missing keys.)

“Those who hunger and thirst.” Famished orphans who know the difference between a TV dinner and a Thanksgiving feast.

“The merciful.” Winners of the million-dollar lottery who share the prize with their enemies.

“The pure in heart.” Physicians who love lepers and escape infection.

“The peacemakers.” Architects who build bridges with wood from a Roman cross.

“The persecuted.” Those who manage to keep an eye on heaven while walking through hell on earth.

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