The Brace Race

Here is a note from Dr. Brad Nester who is a friend and he is also my dentist. Brad is running in October for a great cause and I wanted to share this opportunity with you.


On October 10, 2009 I am going to run the New River Trail 50K (31.1 mile) ultra-marathon ( ).  I have been working since May to get myself in good enough shape to run this 31 mile race in order to raise awareness and money for Blue Ridge Association for Conductive Education (BRACE).

BRACE, a United Way Agency, is a locally run charitable organization that provides camps and activities for children that have impaired motor skills such as Cerebral Palsy.  The aim of this education for these children is to improve their quality of life and, also, to help their parents and care givers with the increased strength and coordination of these children.  The end goal is to move towards more independence for the child.

I would like to ask that you consider sponsoring me for this endeavor.  By donating to BRACE, you can make a difference in families lives right here in our community.  The families that will be helped are also families that, quite honestly, have very little time to dedicate to much else outside of family needs.  For a brochure or DVD to learn more about BRACE, please contact me and I will be happy to get the information to you.  If you would be willing to sponsor me, please send your donation to Blue Ridge Association for Conductive Education (BRACE) at the following address:

Dr. Bradley S. Nester

1192 West Stuart Dr.

Hillsville VA 24343

I appreciate your consideration and I believe this cause to be a worthy one that can improve lives.  Take Care.


Dr. Bradley S. Nester

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