Book Review: Take your best shot

“Austin’s story is one of modern day heroism. He represents a new generation that can carry us all into the twenty-first century: a world of hope, peace and selfless love. Austin completely inspires me.” Daniel Biro, Hawk Nelson

take your best shot

Wow is an understatement about this book.

I was reluctant to get a copy and read because I just figured it would be another pipe dream to read about. I was wrong.

“Take your best shot” is one of the most well written books I have ever read. This is a story of how one young person caught a vision of hurting people and decided that he had to do something about it. Austin understands that without God at the center of it all, it would all be futile.

Austin Gutwein in this book shares a very personal story of how doing something that you love, even if  you are not the best at it, you can give it your best shot and do miracles. Austin takes you on an adventure to Africa where thousands of people die every month of Aids and thousands of children become orphaned in the process.

This book will challenge you to do something to make the world a better place for everyone including yourself.

This book will help you to understand that no person who has a desire to do something bigger than yourself should let obstacles get in your way.

Not age, young or old.

Not gender, male or female.

Not finances, whether you have a little or a lot.

Get this book and devour it!


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