We are out at the Box!


Well, that is not completely the truth. We are running out of drinks and snacks and it is because so many youth are coming downtown. I just loaded the fridge today with most everything that we have on hand.

In the past 8 weeks with the exception of 2 weeks ago when the high school played the powder puff game we have not gone below 54 youth on Wednesday for Bible Study, we have had as many as 120. IS THIS AWESOME OR WHAT?

This past week we had 60 and we spent our time talking about Samson and the fact he could not leave the “HOOKS” alone. Hooks are those things that always have a lure on them, bait. Something that looks good and looks like it will make life better and more enjoyable. When in fact the hooks draw you in where you are no longer your own, you are no longer marching to Gods drum beat.

Samson died humiliated. As a matter of fact there is this theologian “Spongebob” you may have heard of him. They have a show called “Hooky” that illustrated well our time together. In this episode Spongebob ends up losing his pants, “literally”. Spongebob ends up humiliated.

Well I know some will think that is silly to watch spongebob with the youth but they loved it and they learned a great lesson. I have heard from several of them that really “God dealt with them on some issues in their own life” this past Wednesday night. IS THAT AWESOME OR WHAT?

OK, back to what I started to tell you. We started this ministry on a Vision from God. We have had absolutely no budget to purchase food and drinks for the youth, all of it has been done for a year on donations. Some bring the goods by and drop it off and others give us money to purchase the needed items. Well we are OUT AT THE BOX!

Now, please do not get the wrong impression. I am not begging you for food and drink. I am asking you to give that God might bless you for giving and that He might bless a bunch of youth, many of which have no church home besides OUT of the BOX.

I loaded the fridge today so that I could say we are out and so that God will fill us up again. We are getting prepared for a SnowBall increase of Teens at Out of the Box this Winter. I just want to be ready.

There it is, who wants to be the first to back up to the door and unload cases of drinks and snacks at Out of the Box. We are a ministry to youth that is working and lives are being changed.


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