Don’t give satan any room

I am reading the book “The Shack” and in the book the story begins as a little girl is kidnapped and presumed dead. Now, I have not finished the book so please don’t give me the storyline. I hope to finish by sometime tomorrow and I will write a review of it then.

Anyway, I ran 11 miles today and all I could think about was this little girl and even though the story is fiction this kind of thing happens in our world all the time. The thought that came to my mind is that a person would absolutely have to be blinded by satan in order to do such a horrible act.

I read a book several years ago by John Bevere called “The Bait of Satan” and in his book he talks about the fact that as Christians we allow satan to meddle in our lives when we commit sin.

It starts small and balloons into people doing horrible things. Remember it all starts small and grows. Don’t give satan any room to play in your life.

john bevere bait

It is a good read, I recommend it.


Anyone who has trapped animals knows a trap needs one of two things to be successful. It must be hidden, in the hope that an animal will stumble upon it, and it must be baited to lure the animal into the trap’s deadly jaws. Satan, the enemy of our souls, incorporates both of these strategies as he lays out his most deceptive and deadly traps. They are both hidden and baited.
Satan, along with his cohorts is not as blatant as many believe. He is subtle and delights in deception. He is shrewd in his operations, cunning, and crafty, Don’t forget he can disguise himself as a messenger of light. If we are not trained by the Word of God to divide rightly between good and evil, we won’t recognize his traps for what they are.

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  1. October 10, 2009 godw1nz

    good stuff! I am curious to hear your review of The Shack! It is defintely creative and thought provoking!


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