Vacation is a time to break away from the flow of things

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We have been in Cherry Grove for 4 days and just knowing that we leave tomorrow is sad and comforting all at the same time. I am actually a homebody. I like to be in familiar surroundings and close to people who know me.

That said, I still like to get away from the normal flow and busyness of everyday life at home. I was just praying this morning as I was running and asking God to reveal Himself in miraculous ways to some family members who really need to know Him. In my prayers I was talking to God about the fact that time doesn’t feel the same to Him as it does to us as human beings. To God time is never beginning and never ending, time just continues.

Wow, that is so much different from what we experience in our everyday lives.

The time away has been great. I only missed having the entire family with us this time. Mom and Dad decided not to come and the Mike and Caitlin, Christopher and Victoria were not able to come because Christopher was diagnosed with the flu. We have been able to visit with Sussie and her mom and dad as they have stayed the past 2 nights with us. That was pretty special. It is the first time her mom or dad has ever been to the ocean.

The greatest thing about coming late this year is that it is only 8 months until we get to come back on family vacation.


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