I have some strange friends

I really don’t think they are strange but some people do. In the world of ministry you run into many different personality types and people who are just different. But then you find the same thing in any field of work or sphere of life. SO what is different about ministry?

I believe the difference is that I have never met a person in ministry that didn’t get involved because they really want to help people. It is the main driving force behind every person I know who is in ministry. We don’t all have the same burdens but we are all burdened to help. As a matter of fact I am just one of multitudes who have given their life to be in service to others. It defines who I am as a Christian, Service!

In ministry or at least in pastoral ministry we are trained to be spiritual leaders, not a fixer of problems. Your pastor can’t fix your problems. You, in conjunction with God and maybe even your pastor will be able to work out many problems but remember that pastors are not able to fix things any more than you are. Get in on the spiritual leadership that is being offered and you will grow and learn to stay in step with God, remember it is a process.

I hear complaints occasionally about this minister or that one but in the scheme of things, I have never met one who didn’t care. Oh we all get tired and we all get down, just like every other person from time to time but we really do care and that is why we are here.


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