This day in the life of your pastor: October 18th, 2009

  1. Pray 4 the person U know who needs 2 know Christ, then pray God will let U love them as He does. Then you will be able to reach that personabout 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  2. WhiteLoving God & loving others are the two big hooks on which everything hangs.about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  3. WhiteWithout love, no outreach strategy will work. With Gods love, we can change the world.about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  4. WhiteReading “Organic Outreach for Ordinary People”about 15 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  5. WhiteTake your best shot, do something big for God. I Dare You!about 16 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  6. WhiteSouledOut is ready to rock the house for Jesusabout 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry
  7. Whitebasking in the presence of Holy Spirit, I can feel His Presence here this afternoon!about 18 hours ago from web
  8. Whitegetting ready to head back to SNL, 6:30 SouledOut and Ronnieabout 19 hours ago from web
  9. Whitegonna have 2 stick w the Brooks Addiction Running Shoes from now on. Been running N a pair of Aisics & starting 2 have knee issues alreadyabout 21 hours ago from web
  10. White2 great services today at FUMC Hillsville, one more to enjoy tonight! 6:30pm, join usabout 22 hours ago from web
  11. Whitepreparing to preach round 2 @ 11am, Join us @ 1st UMC Hillsville8:08 AM Oct 18th from web
  12. Whitejust finished up the sermon for 8:30, now praying that Holy Spirit convicts and convinces8:00 AM Oct 18th from web

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