Planet X, I didn’t know there was such a theory

Please understand that I am not ascribing to these different theories on the end of the world in 2012. I do ascribe to the Bible which says that someday this world will suffer something catastrophic and Jesus will return to be with His people forever. However the Bible does not give us a date for these things to take place and goes so far to even say that even Jesus doesn’t know the day or hour.

That said, these theories are interesting and we should know how to speak with people about them. I would suggest that we in the Christian Church will have a great ministry with people concerned about the many theories of 2012 being the year of world disaster.




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  1. October 29, 2009 Dave

    In Sodus, New York there is a road called Christian Holler. It seems circa 1917 some good christians had figured out a certain day that year in Oct. that it was all over. They put their sheets on, got out on a hill and started hollering for the end. the next day they apparently went home and back to work. :o) And that dirt road, which may be paved now, became Christian Holler. Really

  2. October 29, 2009 Dave

    whoops, Dave, check the Internet first, missed by a century, no more guessing!!

    A locality in the neighborhood is called Christian Hollow, although to the pioneers it was “Christian Holler” because:

    Back in 1823, early settlers there became obsessed with the idea the end of the world was at hand. They even fixed the hour. When that fateful time came, they assembled prayerfully, the men in their sober Sunday best; the women in their brightest shawls. Among them was one doubting Thomas who allowed that he “would just meander over to the Geneva Road and miss the whole thing.”

    He did and when the hour of doom had passed without Gabriel’s trumpet, this skeptic “went back there and said ‘I told you so’ and you should hear the Christians holler!”


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