22 Mile Training Run Today

I completed 22 miles today and the end was not so strong. I started the day about 11:15 and finished 22 miles in 3 hours and 59 minutes, not bad at all for the run over all but I was disappointed because I did so well the first 12 miles.

Here is a breakdown of the days miles.

Mile 1       8:50

Mile 2      8:27

Mile 3      8:33

Mile 4      8:44

Mile 5      8:41

Mile 6      8:57

Mile 7      10:12

Mile 8      9:36

Mile 9      9:10

Mile 10    9:24

Mile 11    9:39

Mile 12    9:11

Mile 13    11:39

Mile 14    10:08

Mile 15    11:15

Mile 16    12:25

Mile 17    12:20

Mile 18    14:19

Mile 19    14:20

Mile 20    14:19

Mile 21    14:18

Mile 22    15:11

Total Time 3:59

Average Pace Per Mile 10:53

Calories Burned 3102

It was a great run. I am learning a lot about eating and taking fluids when I run long distance and just wish I had more time to experiment. I took Vanilla Energy Gel that is al natural but I don’t plan to take it again as it is so nasty it almost made me gag. I also tried to get my electrolytes from ShotBlok Bars and that wasn’t a winner either. I ran out of water at mile 15 and that was another disadvantage to me today. I believe my biggest issue today was that I waited until 11am to start and I do much better early in the morning. Another factor is that my training partner had to work and couldn’t do the run with me and we honestly keep each other at the task. So far when one of us is struggling the other is strong and that keeps us running even when we would like to quit.

It was a great day. That is the last long run that I will do before the Marathon in only 19 days. I will continue to do some running. 4 to 7 miles 4 or 5 times a week until the week of the race and then I will cut way back. I will continue to eat well and try to drop several more pounds before the big day. I will also continue to experiment with what to eat on the run.


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  1. November 8, 2009 RRRICK

    Thanks for shareing that running info and great family pics!


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