This Day In The Life Of Your Pastor – November 7th, 2009

  1. A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other. 7 hours ago from API

  2. Just ordered a sleep time brace to take care of my plantar faciitis, gonna get rid of it.about 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  3. just received $70 gift for the children of Sudan. God is so good!about 8 hours ago from web

  4. 22 Mile Training run today 8 hours ago from web

  5. I am feeling great after my 22 mile run, still have the flare up of Plantar Faciistis, but it only hurts when I walk on it. lolabout 8 hours ago from web

  6. The kings are @ Liberty watching the Flames play. I am jealous!about 10 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  7. Just received a huge blessing. Someone who hasn’t spoken to me in years just did and it was genuine. God is at work!about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  8. Waiting on Misty, she saw a Huge Sale sign at Pennysabout 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  9. @ McDonald’s play place with the kidsabout 13 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  10. 22 mile training run, finished and I gotta say it hurtsabout 14 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  11. Watching Ratatoulie with the boys & studying for Sunday Schoolabout 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  12. Sharon Bowers will be preaching @ 1st Hillsville tomorrow, join us. 830, 11am & 630pmabout 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

  13. Judah is an early riser like his daddy this morning. Having coffee, playing with Judah & watching the news

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  1. November 9, 2009 Dave

    My wife would say, “Samuel and I” instead of “Me and Samuel”. I think she is right. Actually, I know she is right. It might bring you a broader reading audience, reaching more people. Think on it. God’s blessings


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