“Pray for Me”: A Remembrance of the Legacy of Dr. Harry Denman



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Harry Denman: Remembrance of his legacy

For 60 years The Foundation for Evangelism has focused on evangelism true to the vision and legacy of Dr. Harry Denman. His legacy was one of evangelism to the masses.

A world traveler, he shared his faith with others wherever he went. His message was a clear one. “Offer them Christ”. He was a man whose request to anyone he had met or written a letter to, even total strangers, was the statement…”Pray for me.”

Dr. Billy Graham refers to Harry Denman as “one of the Lord’s greatest servants…”, and rightly so.

As part of this year’s Annual Board Meeting, the Foundation remembered the legacy of Harry Denman. Phillip Connolly, Foundation Board Vice Chair, facilitated a discussion among Trustees, Advisory Trustees and guests remembering Dr. Denman in his demeanor and the ways he committed himself to his passion, that of evangelism.

The round table took the time to reflect on Dr. Denman’s life, whether based on what they had read or even from personal experience. His powerful, personal witness was celebrated.

On Saturday, October 31, 2009, The Foundation for Evangelism spent time conducting video interviews with those whose life had been changed by Dr. Denman. These people had personal connections with Harry Denman. We hope to be sharing those with you at a later date. It was wonderful hearing of how people had seen Dr. Denman. One gentleman even used the words “My spiritual father…” to describe how Dr. Denman had made him feel.

That same evening, The Foundation for Evangelism celebrated its 60th anniversary with reflections on Dr. Harry Denman by Phillip Connolly and Ed Beck. Ed, a retired evangelist had a personal relationship with Dr. Denman and had traveled with him on occasion.

Rich stories of Dr. Denman’s life were told as the evening went on, with how he had always offered his same request to each that he met “Pray for me.”

Near the end of the evening, The Distinguished Evangelist of the United Methodist Church was recognized. Rev. Jorge Acevedo embodies the message that Dr. Denman held dear. All people should be given the opportunity to experience God’s transforming love through Jesus Christ – whether black or white, rich or poor.

Rev. Acevedo’s work with the destitute and downtrodden seemed to reflect Dr. Denman’s belief that not only are there many who have Christ, there are those who do not, and should also be allowed the same privilege.

Dr. Denman knew that “learned” leaders like Rev. Acevedo and many others within the local church and the community were an important facet of offering Christ to the masses. This resonates with our Vision to “Raise up generations of leaders with a passion for evangelism.” We will continue to fulfill our focus of providing resources for the development of leaders with a passion for evangelism who will have a multiplying impact on The United Methodist Church.

Just as Dr. Denman did 60 years ago. This will be the legacy that we will always remember at The Foundation for Evangelism.


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