Running Heart Rate

Here is a great tool for you runners and walkers. I found my resting heart rate to be 57 earlier this week and that is excellent according to this site. My average heart rate during a run is between 134-155 so I should be burning off some weight. At times climbing hills my heart rate wil climb to 170.

You can click the link below and check out how you are doing.


Heart Rate Zone Calculations

Based on the simple Heartrate calculation, your max Heartrate is: 176.To get the most out of your workout, you should work out in one of the “zones” described below, depending whether your goal is weight loss, an aerobic workout or an anaerobic workout.
Zone 1 – Low Intensity zone: 50% – 60% of max Zone 2 – Weight Control zone: 60% – 70% of max Zone 3 – Aerobic zone: 70% – 80% of max Zone 4 – Anaerobic zone: 80% – 90% of max Zone 5 – Maximal zone: 90% – 100% of max
123-134 134-145 145-155 155-166 166-176

These are basic estimates, based on averages for age and sex – and your Max Heartrate may vary. If you know your Max Heartrate, you can view the training zones with the Heartrate Zones Calculator

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2 comments on “Running Heart Rate

  1. November 21, 2009 Brad Stapleton

    Ronnie, I am surprised that this site shows 80-90% of MHR as “anaerobic”. I run my entire 5Ks at 85-95%, and that seem impossible to run anaerobic for an entire race. My average HR while running is about 148. My resting HR is 47, and my MHR is 171, which I hit sometimes on hills.

  2. November 21, 2009 imagebearer

    Hey Brad, this is based on my age, did you go to the link and plug in your age and see what it came up?


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