Thoughts on the Marathon

As most of you know by now I am running in The Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Marathon this Thursday at 730am. I am excited, I am feeling really great right now. No aches or pains and I feel the need to run. I haven’t done any miles since Friday when I did 3 easy miles. I will be walking a couple of miles tomorrow in Piedmont Park in Atlanta just to walk off the anxieties that tend to build before an event like this.

I was just thinking on my drive home yesterday that 26.2 miles is a long way when you are running and even a good distance in the car. However our bodies are capable of doing much more than we normally demand of them. I have had a great time training for this Marathon. I have a friend running this one with me (Kenneth) and we both have seen a lot of change in ourselves. We have both slimmed down, eaten better, and drank lots of water.

We are both confident that we are well-trained and going to have a great race. We appreciate your prayers and I will let you know when the race is over how each of us have done. By the way, Kenneth and I run pretty much together in our pace so we hope to finish strong and in the same time frame but we both know that race day can bring lots of things, including one of us having more energy than the other.

Again, we appreciate your prayers.


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