It’s a “Wrap Party”

First UMC Hillsville has taken on the ministry of providing gifts to children in Carroll County who have parents that are unable to be with them at Christmas because of being incarcerated.

Here is why this is such an awesome ministry, you don’t get any credit for the gift!

Thats right, the gifts are purchased and given to the child with a note from their parent, the gift is from their parent. I think this is awesome and a lot of others do as well. We have been given some money to buy gifts and we have some folks who have offered to do the shopping. Now we get to help at OOTB by wrapping these gifts.

If you can join us at OOTB tomorrow evening, as always hang out time is 5pm to 7pm when we have Bible Study. Tomorrow’s message will be a message about “The Gift”. After a to the point Bible Study time we will wrap the gifts and enjoy the fellowship.

Let me know if you can bring wrapping paper, scissors and tape with you tomorrow night.


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