Leading from the Second Chair

I have a huge desire to be a better leader in 2010. I am an associate pastor and sometimes it is hard to know when, where, and how to make decisions that don’t cross over the line of the Senior Pastor. I have had this book in my office for several months and today I picked it up and started to read. I will share insights as I read and in the end I will do a review of the book and what I find to be helpful. I desire your prayers as I attempt to lead from the Second Chair in 2010 @ First Hillsville UMC.


They say it’s lonely at the top. And it can be even lonelier when you are almost at the top. Church leaders who hold “second chair” positions are under tremendous pressure. They are expected do to their jobs and provide leadership but defer to the top leader, too. It’s a demanding balancing act. How can they lead effectively while serving under someone else’s leadership?

Leading from the Second Chair offers an invaluable resource to leaders who serve in second (and third and fourth) chair roles, enabling them to become more productive, proactive, and fulfilled. The book reveals the paradoxes of second chair leadership. These leaders must be subordinate to the top leader yet lead in their own right. They should be deep in their expertise but wide in perspective. And they must be content in their jobs yet remain enthusiastic about their dreams for the future.

Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson share their own and others’ experiences of failures and successes in this vital role. They offer support and practical advice for reshaping the way second chair leaders can serve well and improving the overall performance of their church or organization.

Leading from the Second Chair equips readers with the positive attitudes, skills, and strategies needed to become influential leaders who will excel in leading and following in a God-honoring way.

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