New Years Resolutions: Final for 2010

Here are some things that I want to accomplish in 2010

#1. To grow closer to our Lord, get to know Him better

#2. To have more date nights with my wife, just she and I -this will require babysitters

#3. To have more 1 on 1 time with my oldest son, Michael

#4. To spend more time with my grandbabies

#5. To spend more time in sermon preparation

#6. Read the New Testament through several times starting with “The Voice” and or TNIV

#7. Don’t put God in my “box” He is so much “bigger”, “indescribable”, “mysterious”, “amazing” than I can even imagine

#8. Remember, Remember, Remember I am called to be a Spiritual Leader & NOT to FIX People

#9. Lose weight to get down to my best running weight which is 175-185-I know this is really slim but it feels great

#10. Average at least 20 miles running each week-not too hard to do while training for marathons

#11. Run at least 4 Marathons-Myrtle Beach, Charlottesville, New York, and Atlanta


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