Hope for the Children of Sudan

The New Year is always a time to set goals to sort of reboot your life and start over. As we move into 2010 I wanted to share with you my plans for Running the Myrtle Beach Marathon for the Children of Sudan. I have several running events on my calendar starting with the Myrtle Beach Marathon in February and then three other Marathons throughout 2010. I also have a  goal is to run no less than 20 miles each week in 2010. So as New Years Resolutions go, pray for me that I will stick to them.

I want to thank you for supporting me last year. I am still overwhelmed by the fact that I received support from so many people in and outside of Holston Conference. This just goes to show that we can all work together for the cause of Jesus Christ. Hunger and Homelessness knows no boundaries. Even people I have never met have supported my Atlanta Marathon in 2009.

Thank you for your continued support of a great cause, “Hope For The Children Of Sudan.

May God Bless us in our 2010 goals!


Myrtle Beach Marathon February 13th, 2010.

I am running in honor and support of Children in Southern Sudan.

Holston Conference is planning an Orphanage and we can help by raising support to get the job done!

Maybe your family could send your gift to the children of Sudan in honor of each other!

If you would like to support, send your check to 1st Hillsville United Methodist Church, C/O Ronnie G Collins PO Box 356 Hillsville Virginia 24343. Make the check to Holston Conference and on the remit line “Hope for the children of Sudan”.

Why not do something you love and help others at the same time?

Together we can change the world!

Here is how it will work. I will travel to Myrtle Beach in February and run the 26.2 mile Marathon on February 13th Day in honor of and support of The Children of Sudan Africa, “Hope for the Children”.

Every gift that is given will go to support the children of Sudan, “Hope for the Children”.

I have a Goal of $2620.00 that is $100.00 per mile.

Help me meet the goal but more importantly help the children of Sudan.

There are several ways that you can support.

# 1 is in your prayers

26 people (Churches, Youth Groups, UMW, UMM, any group)could donate $100 and I would reach the goal.

Donate $1 for every mile = 26 dollars

Donate $5 for every mile = 130 dollars

Donate $10 for every mile = 260 dollars

Donate $20 for every mile = 520 dollars

Donate $100 for every mile = 2600 dollars

or simply Donate Any $ Amount

My goal is simply to raise as much money as possible and have fun doing it. I am inviting people (Runners) who would like to help raise money for the children of Sudan to join me in the run. You can sign up to run at


Make your checks payable to: The Holston Conference of The United Methodist Church or The Holston UMC

Designate your Check “Hope for the Children of Sudan”

Mail to: Ronnie G Collins, PO Box 356, Hillsville Virginia 24343

I will compile the checks and get them to Holston Conference on behalf of the children. You will receive a letter from me to signify when the gift is received.

I am excited to see just what Miracle the Lord will do.


Hope for the
Children of Sudan


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  1. January 21, 2010 Dustin W

    Run Forest Run..Way to go proud of you


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