Evangelism in Today’s World

Here are tools that I will be using in my Ministry Presentation with The Abingdon District United Methodist Church on Sunday January 10th, 2010.

Evangelism in Today’s World

The Witness Team

Holston Evangelism Conference

40 Days of Preparation-Fasting and Prayer

50 Golden Days of Evangelism

A 90 Day Investment in the lives of 3000 People

Facebook for Pastors

Click this link to download the Free E-Book  facebook-for-pastors-by-chris-forbes.pdf

Free Blogs here WordPress www.wordpress.com

Leadership Nexus – Workable Evangelism

The Out Of The Box Story

Started in October of 2008 with approximately 17 to 20 senior youth, we now average 55 to 65 senior youth each Wednesday night for Bible Study and we often hold events that draw more than 100 teens.

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