Wytheville District Witness Team Fully Supports this Experience

Feb 19-20 Holston Evangelism Conference

Cokesbury Center in Knoxville, TN.

We welcome the Rev. Rudy Rasmus, Bishop James Swanson, and Dr. Robert (Bob) Pierson to lead us through this inspirational and motivating event. We will celebrate the past year’s theme and covenant to “Offer Them Christ” and to invite Holston to the next steps toward Pentecost 2010. Friday: Optional Mission Outreach (“Knoxville Homeless and the Working Poor) 2-5pm; Registration 5-7pm; Session I begins with Rev. Rudy Rasmus @ 7pm. Bishop Swanson will conclude the conference by 3pm on Saturday.

Wytheville District Witness Team Fully Supports this Experience

We want 50 representatives from our District to Attend and you can help make it possible. Are you willing to drive a church van/bus to Knoxville and allow others from the District to ride with you? If you are, the District has a deal for you—we will help pay your way!

The Witness Team will

Pay $75 for Gas

Pay the Registration Fee for the Driver $30

Pay for one night in an area hotel $75

If you are willing to provide transportation so that others from our district can attend, please contact Brian Burch. This offer is limited to the first five churches that agree to this. We are hoping to get one vehicle per cluster.

For more information contact

Brian Burch

276-686-6429 (church)

276-620-6322 (cell)


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  1. January 26, 2010 Gayle

    What a phenomenal idea! Let’s pray that this opens doors and minds!


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