God moments…Building my faith

What follows is a conversation that transpired on facebook between myself and someone that I met through facebook. My friend read about my encounter with a homeless boy this week and she related that to a time many years ago when she watched a young man on the side of the road who was likely dying. That young may on the roadside turned out to be my nephew. Kevin was in a terrible wreck in 2001 and now all these years later God has introduced me to someone, one of His children, that was there praying for Kevin. Wow

I have read your post about”Sammy” with tears streaming down my face. As you mentioned I can not imagine being all alone at that age. Prayers are being said for “Sammy” and all the other homeless. God bless you for all you do !
For some reason this post keeps screaming …Prayer! It reminds me of something that happened years ago. A young man wrecked his car two houses up from us. He hit a pole and ripped his car in half. He was thrown into the middle of the road. Onlookers were busy chattering about whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Honestly, I was appauled at those thoughts because that was not the issue. There was a young man lying in the road near death…he may or may not have made bad decisions…but he is someones son, possibly father, brother, friend…etc . I kept praying regardless of the decisions this young man had made just before this wreck , to please let him live. I knew to someone he was very important, and it was important for him to live.
“Sammy’s” comment as to what we could do for him just brought the memories of standing on the roadside and praying for that young man to mind.
We need to be in prayer for EVERYONE.

(my response) do you live on White Pines?

You know the young man I am speaking of . I was so thrilled to find out he had lived. I often wonder about him and what he is doing with his life.

(my response) In 2001 just after thanksgiving my nephew that I helped raise after my sister died when he was 7 years old wrecked on White pines and the car was split in two pieces. He hit a light pole. When you shared that, chills ran through my body. Is this the same person?


(my response)Wow,  you were praying for a young boy that I love with all my heart. Kevin is alive and they just had their 1st baby a little girl 2 days ago. I have so much to tell you but this is a God Moment for me. Wow. When Kevin wrecked that night we knew nothing until 5am, they didn’t even try to find us till then, they thought he was going to die. I will send more tomorrow but thank you, wow. Prayer works, thank you for praying. It feels to me like this is a confirmation that Sammy is going to also make it. I don’t know if I will sleep tonight.

I can vividly remember the very spot I stood on the side of the road and prayed for him. I can remember repeating over and over “he is very special to someone, someone loves him very much…don’t let him die”. God certainly answered those prayers.

I am sitting here reading this again this morning and the tears are running down my face. Thank you for praying.

Wow, I believe God gave me this encounter to strengthen my faith. God is at work. Kevin is indeed alive, he has encountered many medical issues from the wreck in 2001. He just recently had surgery to repair his left leg which was badly damaged in the wreck. He just celebrated the birth of his 1st daughter. I am so thankful for people who pray. It works folks, God is alive!


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