Blood Drive @ 1st UMC Hillsville

The blood drive is from 10 AM until 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall of FUMC on Saturday, February 20th.
Persons from 16 up who are in generally good health are eligible to donate but 16 year olds need a parent or guardian to sign a permission form.  ID required.
Youth should be advised to eat well before donating and drink plenty of liquids -sugary coke or soft drink helps raise the blood sugar so their body adjusts better to the loss of blood.
Youth should also make it clear to the nurse that they are first time donors or if they have donated before, note if they have had any problems donating before.
Thank you for supporting this very worthy way of sharing life.  God gave us life, but we can help our fellow man sustain life to do His work.

This is absolutely one of the best video’s of 2010 and straight from our Holston Conference. Everyone should use this for your blood drives. Hilarious but awesome!


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