Canceling the Myrtle Beach Marathon

Of all things, no one ever thought the MB Marathon would be canceled due to snow. I am very disappointed just as I know thousands of other people are. I have my t-shire, hat , and water bottle that say 2010 MB

I completely understand the decision to cancel. I think the roads were actually clear enough this morning that we could have ran but the lots of people would have had to spend the entire night out in the snow setting the race up. It is a huge undertaking to set up a race for 66oo people. The total number is 11, 000 but that includes a bike event as well.

Anyway, this is a nightmare for the Race Board who put this on. Even though they say no refunds I believe unless they say everyone who wants to run in 2011 can for no more cost they will not have a race next year. Hundreds of people flew here from thousands of miles away.

It will be interesting to see what they do to accommodate the runners.

Again, my fear is they will say, you signed the waiver, no refunds, sorry.

I hope they say, we will take the loss, come back next year and run for free. If not, I think they will have a very small race in 2011.

The one thing that bothers me now just a little is that the race board has not communicated with 11,000 people in any way other than the newspaper online. The fact that communication is so easy through the web makes this a surprise to me. However I am sure they are discussing what has to be done before saying something too quick.


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