Waiting to hear what if anything will be done for those who couldn’t run the Marathon in Myrtle Beach this morning

I am anxiously waiting to see what if anything will be done for the 11,000 people who were affected by the cancellation of the Myrtle Beach Marathon this morning.

To be honest, we all sign a waiver when we sign up and pay our money saying that we understand there will be no refunds and that the organizers are not responsible for any injuries that we may incur. So, that sais, they really are not obligated legally to do anything to accommodate those who spent a lot of money to be there.

I hate it for those who had to make the decision, as it turned out the runners could have run safely this morning, the ice and snow appeared to be melted to a degree there were hundreds who chose to run the course anyway. However, by the looks of things last night at 10pm, the roads were very dangerous.

I am again just glad I didn’t have the responsibility of making the call.

I am in a position where there are times that I have a part in deciding whether or not to cancel church services and I know form experience there are no winning situation because there are always people who get upset with your call.

I believe it is in the best interest of the MB Marathon Organizers to do something to help the thousands who traveled far and wide to get there. I fear if they do not do something that 2011 may not be a well attended race.

Can’t wait to hear what they do.


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