Sermon follow-up from this morning: God’s BHAG for the Family

Jake Worrell May 22

I read a devotion the other day that was along the same lines as what you preached on this morning. I get frustrated sometimes that I will feel close and fired up for God, then out of nowhere that feeling goes away and I couldn’t feel further apart, and it just happens. After reading the devotion and scripture, I realized these are all feelings, and you cannot base your relationship with God on feelings, rather you have to base it on commitment. Feelings ALWAYS change, and I believe God allows this to strengthen your commitment with him, and to see who really are his followers. Those who stay committed have agape love, they see deeper, beyond the situation.
Now, I have never been married, but I believe it is the same in marriage. Feelings will change, and you’re not always going to feel close. But I believe this is to strengthen commitment, and to rule out the worldly love for a while to see if there is agape love, the love that sees beyond feelings deep into who someone is, and love them for what is inside. This love lasts forever.

Just what I learned this week.

Wow, Jake sent this to me and I asked if I could share it. He gets it! He gets the message of the Gospel and the message from this morning. God loves us with an Agape love and He expects us to love others that way as well. God NEVER gives up on us and our relationship with God is never based on feelings. Likewise, our marriage relationships are not based on feelings, it takes years, trials, sometimes arguments, to learn to love each other the way that God loves us. NEVER Give Up!

Pastor Ronnie

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