Time Management with Rick Warren

I found a great resource that is giving me a great benefit with the iPad. I am downloading podcast from across the Country of various leaders in the Christian world and I am benefiting greatly. Yesterday I listened to a podcast by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California and the topic was Time Management, here is what I learned.

These are not necessarily in order of greatest benefit.

1. Lighten up your attitude about time management and you will get more accomplished. It’s not as hard as we make it.

2. I have just enough time to do what God has called me to do. If I don’t have time, I am either doing wrong things or the right thing wrong.

3. Time Management is not about how to get more done. It is about how to do the important things that God has called you to do.

4. Always write down ideas to be used later, you will not remember them. Keep a pad or electronic device handy for notes or use a napkin. Success is the management of good ideas.

5. #1 issue in Time Management is “Analyze.” We have to continually analyze what we are doing and cut things that are not productive.

6. Learn to use loose change time. If you’re waiting at an appointment, have something to read, make phone calls, send e-mail.

7. Figure out your strengths and align your week around those. Delegate things you just do not do well.

8. Plan ahead and don’t over prepare.

9. Do the hardest thing first.

10. Manage your technology time. Own the technology and don’t let it own you. Turn it off or turn off alerts.

11. The Number 1 Biggest Time Saving word is NO!

Rick Warren stated that he spends about 20 hours in preparation for his Sunday Sermon. For most pastors this is almost impossible. However, this is the most important thing that we do in leading the people God has called us to lead. If you are preaching more than one, two, three, or even more messages a week, you are going to have to be creative. There is nothing wrong with getting an outline from someone else if God is using it.

(Ronnie’s Notes) 

Many of these things I am already doing. I read on avarage one book a week and I do that by always having it within reach. I read in traffic jams, awaiting appointments, almost anywhere. I also have Kindle read books to me when I am driving on long trips.

I have recently lightened up my attitude concerning time. I am saying NO a lot more.

I am writing down ideas, creating files on the computer, making notes for future use.

I need to work on doing the hardest thing first.

I will manage my technology time better, I started today. However I will discover what works best for me and then I will blog about it later. this could be the biggest issue for me. I say issue because I do a lot of ministry with and through technology. I have talked with so many people in crisis situations and that’s just a start.

I have had a very productive day today and it feels great!




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