Thoughts on Worship Today – November 27th, 2011

We started a new series today, “Christmas Outside The Box”. I had a lot of fun with the message. Spoke about everybody’s most favorite thing in the world, waiting. I say that jokingly but in reality the bible teaches us that waiting is a gift sent from God. We are made like Christ in the waiting, in the preparation, the resting, and sometimes we get sidetracked.

We had a great group this morning with more new faces, they just keep coming every week. We are going to soon grow out of the facility we are in, the writing is on the wall.

The praise team started with the first Christmas song of the season and it was great, “Mary Did You Know.”

Here are a few comments from the social media on the day.

RT @jjholderfield2 Come to #ootbwc this morning. 1030 downtown hillsville. You won’t be disappointed

RT @airoler07 The greatest things in life come in the waiting

RT @airoler07 Waiting is inevitable…. Most things in life are not instant…

RT @airoler07 If you don’t prepare for Christ your are a Moron…. Dont get mad at me Jesus said it! #justsaying #ootbwc

RT @airoler07 What a second I have my plan! God says No I have my plan. It’s not about our plans its about Gods plans. #ootbwc

RT @airoler07 In the waiting God is making us more like Christ, embrace the waiting see God’s plan open your eyes and see the Blessings in the waiting #ootbwc

Seeds of Faith making chains, experiencing teamwork, and talking about PREPARATION this morning.








RT @jjholderfield2 Nothing like a preacher who prays for you to break a string during the service. @ronnie24317 #ootbwc

RT @TheGuyOfGod @mynameis_Kris @Bean1858 @ronnie24317 @ZRM81 @jjholderfield2 @leholderfield are tweeting during church. I thought I’d join.

RT @TheGuyOfGod Worship at OOTBWC!! #ootbwc










RT @ZRM81 Awesome morning at #ootbwc

RT @ZRM81 My church has a long acronym #ootbwc

RT @Bean1858 “I see a generation rising up to take their place with selfless faith.” #Hosanna #OOTBWC

RT @mynameis_Kris The best things in life come to those who wait #ootbwc @ronnie24317

RT @BrendaG074 We prepare in the waiting…#ootbwc

RT @ChuckNEdmonds I cant WAIT to eat lunch. jk! at #ootbwc @ronnie24317

Ronnie G Collins is taking over my news feed. It’s all about Out Of The Box Worship Center “A New Worship Experience for Carroll County so I’ll let it slide.

RT @fumcoutofthebox 222 people at #ootbwc today.

Cindy Brown And man did it feel good to be a part of it.

RT @sing4god Don’t be a moron. It’s in the Bible. #ootbwc

Kerry Harmon: Love our Awesome church!! #OOTBWC

RT @BrendaG074 Right Now is waiting on eternity that will come instantly. What we go through is God molding-be careful how u spend the prep time. #ootbwc

RT @jhholderfield Man I love my church. #ootbwc

RT @BrendaG074 We have no control over the wait-we do have control over what we do during the wait.#Preparepray&rest. We become what we do!

I’m heading to Alcoa TN to spend some time with the Bishop & call to action. Traffic is thick nothing like God making us live our preaching

Cindy Brown Ahhh yes., there’s blessings in the waiting! Be safe!

Robbie Williams On the count of three say it with me Ronnie, ” I LOVE TO WAIT.”

Ronnie G Collins Lol gotta love you Rob

RT @BrendaG074 @ronnie24317 God has an ironic sense of humor.

RT @BrendaG074 @ronnie24317 Alex announced over lunch it was up to God whether he plays football & that its time he gives his plans to God. #Heislistening

I know God has to have the best sense of humor “EVER”! Worship at OOTBWC was amazing this morning. God was really speaking through Ronnie, directly to me and then I came home and read this, which reaffirmed how the Lord was leading my thoughts for the day.
Sermon was awesome this morning. ♥ OOTBWC It really helps me keep my focus on the real meaning of christmas, which is incredibly hard for me in the first place.
It was an AWESOME Day!
Pastor Ronnie

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