A Call for Stories re: Out of the Box Youth Ministry and OOTB Worship Center

I am in the process of dreaming, planning, and visioning and I need your help. 

Would you please share with me, your stories about what God has done and is doing in your life through the ministries of Out of the Box Youth Ministries and Out of the Box Worship Center? Along with this, would you please give me permission to share your stories in a public format or in ways to show what God is doing, has done, and may want to do? Please state that permission at the end of your story.

I would like to have your stories by December 31st of this year. Please e-mail them to me at ronnie24317@yahoo.com

One last request, please share this request with others you know that have been affected by these ministries. OOTB Youth started in October 2007 so there are many young adults who are now in college or even finished with their college education that we may no longer be connected to.

Thank you in advance.


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